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LH-ZLD-1 Filling and capping machine
  • LH-ZLD-1 Filling and capping machine
  • LH-ZLD-1 Filling and capping machine
  • LH-ZLD-1 Filling and capping machine

LH-ZLD-1 Filling and capping machine

Item No.: LH-ZLD-1
Capping machine suits to fill low and large viscosity liquid, such as fruit juice, jelly, yogurt, sport gel, fruit jam; laundry liquid.
Origin: Anhui, China
Model: LH-ZLD-1
HS code: 8422301090
MOQ: 1
Driven Type: Pneumatic & electric power driven
Description Technical data Video show
  1. Spout pouch is a popular international packaging shape. It is also called Stand up Pouch, Doypack, Premade pouch, etc. It is a novel form of packaging, diverse modeling, reliable measurement, capping firm, easy to use, and low cost packaging materials, etc.
  2. Premade pouch fill & cap machine has been designed for the user peace of mind and a hygienic high quality products. It is applicable to the automatic bagging, filling, covering, capping and unloading.
  3. Spout pouch filling & capping machine suits to a wide variety of liquid and viscous products. Such as drinking water; fruit flavor drinks, energetic drinks, fruit juice; jelly, grass jelly, ice pop; milk, mixing flavor yogurt; honey, sport gel; fruit jam, jam, tomato sauce, salad dressing; shampoo, laundry liquid, detergents; cooking oil. It suits to fill low and large viscosity liquid. It is an ideal choice for small and medium-sized enterprise.
  1. Easy to operate, touch screen and electric control system, the man-machine interface is friendly.
  2. Horizontal transfer pouches. Pouch supply, liquid filling, cap supply, cap arrange and capping, dropping pouches.
  3. The filling capacity is adjustable.
  4. Unique screw cap part design, lock suitable location.
  5. It adopts electronic controlled modulated velocity, precise filling, no foam rising and no leaking.
  6. Each features a modular, easy maintenance.
  7. It has emergency stop device, protect from abnormal situations
  8. It adopts SUS 304 stainless steel material and food grade material.
  9. We can make machine according to the customer's special requirements.
About the warranty and shelf life
It is warranty period of 12 months, from date of sale, providing non-human damaged. The seller to the warranty period in addition to the "spare parts list" of non-human damage to the parts and components for free Express. Otherwise purchased by the buyer.
Model  LH-ZLD-1
Production capacity  500-800 bags/hour
Filling nozzle 1
Capacity Less than 500ml
Can customized according to your own pouch
Power input  220V 50Hz
Filling Accuracy ±1%
Power  1KW
Compress air consumption  0.35m3/min
Size  1100*1300*1300mm
Weight  180kg

We can design the capping head according to your caps of your spout pouch.