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ZLD-A2 filling and capping machine
  • ZLD-A2 filling and capping machine
  • ZLD-A2 filling and capping machine
  • ZLD-A2 filling and capping machine
  • ZLD-A2 filling and capping machine
  • ZLD-A2 filling and capping machine

ZLD-A2 filling and capping machine

Item No.: LH-ZLD-A2
ZLD-A2 is a small, higher efficiency, stable and wide range of applications spout pouch filling and capping machine. It suits to fill low and large viscosity liquid.
Model: LH-ZLD-A2
HS: 8422301090
Driven Type: Pneumatic & electric power-driven
Description Video Warranty & After-sales service Selection reference
  1. The stand-up pouch is a popular international packaging shape. It is also called Spout Pouch, Doypack, Pre-shaped bags. It is a novel form of packaging, diverse modeling, reliable measurement, capping firm, easy to use, and low-cost packaging materials, etc.
  2. ZLD-A2 is an upgraded small, smart, higher efficiency, stable and wide range of applications filling and capping machine. Except for manual hanging pouches, other processes are automatic, such as sending pouches, sending caps, filling, capping, pouch unloading, counting, etc. It suits almost liquid, semi-liquid with different viscosities, such as drinking water; fruit flavor drinks, energetic drinks, fruit juice; jelly, grass jelly, ice pop; milk, mixing flavor yogurt; honey, sport gel; fruit jam, jam, tomato sauce, salad dressing; shampoo, laundry liquid, detergents; cooking oil. It suits to fill low and large viscosity liquid. It is an ideal choice for the small and medium-sized enterprises. 

  1. Spout Position:  Top Center & Corner 
  2. Types of Pouches: Stand-Up, Two and Three Side Seal, and Side Gusset
  3. Small, Smart, Stable, Simple, Safe, Reliable and practical machinery.
  4. User-friendly design and visualization operation (Touch screen + PLC control system).
  5. Horizontal transfer pouches. Automatic capping. No pouch no filling; no cap no filling.
  6. Quick changeover to another pouch size and other shaped pouches.
  7. Piston pump filling. It is good at feeding viscous fluid, paste and small particles (3*3*3mm). Filling Accuracy≤±1%.
  8. Clean in Place without spilling and spraying.
  9. Hygienic design for Food contact products.
  10. Stainless steel construction, All machine parts, in contact with liquid, are made out of stainless steel 304 and food-grade material.
  11. Complete machine in corrosion-free execution.
  12. DeltaR PLC+ DeltaR / WeinviewR touch screen+ OmronR Power supply & photoelectric +AirTACR Cylinder + AutonicsR Fiber Optic Sensors

Technical data


Model LH-ZLD-A2
Production capacity 1000-1800 pouches/hour
Filling nozzle 2
Capping head 2
Piston pump 2 units
Once Filling capacity ≤620ml(customizable)
Continuous filling times 3
Max. Filling capacity 1800ml
Liquid Temp. 0-100
Filling Accuracy ±1%
Spout pouch Spout size 8.6mm,10mm,12mm (Choose one or customizable)
Material PET/PE/NY/CPP/AL/CPP various 2-layer, 3-layer composite film
Max. height 220mm (customizable)
Max. width 150mm (customizable)
Power input  220V 50Hz 0.2 KW
Air Pressure  0.6-0.8 Mpa
Air Consumption 0.60m3/min
Net weight  180kg
Overall dimension  1760*600*1400mm
Gross weight  220kg
Packaging dimension  1300*900*1300mm


About the warranty and shelf life
  1. We supply detailed and professional manual and videos that showing how to operate, install and maintain the equipment; we supply service online by email, WhatsApp, WeChat at first.
  2. The warranty period for the machine is 12 months after arriving at the buyer's factory. The seller will send spare parts to the buyer for free if they were not caused by the unreasonable operation in warranty period. Otherwise, the buyer pays for all cost.
  3. If the buyer needs the seller to send technicians to install the machines and training. A) The buyer pays for all of the round-trip charges for our engineers, including the visa fee, air tickets, the local accommodation, the food, and the local traffic charges and so on. B) The buyer pays for USD 100 per day per technician as salary.
Please confirm as follow,
  1. The sizes of spout and cap;
  2. Your spout pouch volume range; 
  3. Your products;
  4. We also need about 400pcs your pouch sample to test machine and pouch before leaving.

standard spout and cap sizesstandard spout and cap sizes