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sachet water filling machine
  • sachet water filling machine
  • sachet water filling machine
  • sachet water filling machine
  • sachet water filling machine
  • sachet water filling machine

sachet water filling machine

We are PE/PET premade bag, sachet water filling machine, pure water production line professional manufacturer. We also design the drinking water production line, technical support online.
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What is sachet water?
According to the World Health Organization, nearly two billion people still drink water from sources that are tainted with faeces. That water kills at least half a million people each year through diseases like cholera, dysentery, typhoid, and polio. While the number of people in the world who have access to an “improved water source” – one not contaminated by faecal matter – has increased by two billion since 1990, Sub-Saharan Africa lags behind the rest of the world. More than 300 million people in the region are still drinking bad water.
The purified water/ drinking water/ pure water/ mineral water can be packaged in different ways like as sachet, PE/PET premade bag, PET bottle, glass bottle, plastic cup, barreled, etc.
Sachet water began in 1990'. It is a sustainable clean safe drinking water packaging way. It is a relatively new and fast-growing source of drinking water worldwide. Popularly referred to as 'pure water', sachets have gained public affinity due to the low price, convenience, ubiquity, and the public perception that sachet water is of higher quality and safe than tap water.
sachet water filling machine sachet water machine pure water machine

Why sachet water?
Sachet water is one of the lower comprehensive costs of 
purified water products.
It has come to our notice that sachet water is the fastest growing business in Africa, many businessmen and women who are into sachet water business as made more profit, build houses, bought car, land, sponsored their self to obtain higher certificate through sachet water sales and supply, many businessmen and women as also left their various businesses and switch over to sachet water business. Sachet water has created more jobs opportunities to the less privileged people and to those whose certificate could not provide them jobs worldwide.
Over 10million people survive through sachet water sale and supply in Africa. As they say, water is life, sachet water as quench the taste of those who cannot afford bottled water.
Pure water packaging industry is fast becoming many countries main employment provider, creating many jobs.
This has forced more job seekers to find solace in the sachet and bottled water business that is seen as the fastest growing sector of the economy.
A smart investor knows that the best product to deal on is the product in high demands that sachet pure water production business “Investors Choice” any time.
The demand doesn’t seem to go down very soon as it has become the most credible alternative means of getting anything close to clean drinkable water for the average consumers. Therefore, how do you cash in on the demand for sachet water production to make money for yourself?
How to set up a pure water factory, how to produce sachet water,
PE/PET premade bags are low-overall-cost and popular package way for filling drinking water, pure water, mineral water, coconut water. It is a novel form of customized flexible packaging, diverse modeling (bottle shape, stand up pouch, etc.), reliable measurement, seal firm, and low-cost packaging materials, etc. Sachet water is a long-lasting and bestseller package for drinking water in Mid-East, Africa, Central America, Caribbean Area, and South America.
As a professional manufacturer and overall solution provider for drinking water/ pure water/ mineral water/ purified water production line, we focus on designing and manufacturing advanced, reliable, innovative, cost-effective RO water treatment system, pre-treatment equipment, sachet water filling and sealing machine, PE/PET sachet/bag, and auxiliary machinery.
We also design the water production factory, technical support online.
Please call us for our professional advice on +86 183 0555 5006 for a setup and technical support.

360° BD1410A sachet filling and sealing machineparts of BD1410A sachet filling and sealing machinepackage of BD1410A sachet filling and sealing machine
  1. SUS304 stainless steel and food grade material.
  2. MITSUBISHI PLC system and English man-machine visualization operation interface (WEINVIEW touch screen).
  3. Adjustable filling volume.
  4. Unique anti-drip valve and filling nozzles design, no leaking filling and save cost.
  5. Unique sealing part design, seal suitable location, firm, safety.
  6. Each features modular, easy maintenance.
  7. Sanitary centrifugal pump
Technical data
Model BD1410A
Packing rate 2000-3500 bags/hr
Filling nozzles 8
Workstation 2
Bag material Composite PP; PE; PA; AL; NY; etc. pre-shaped bag
Filling volume 20~500ml
Filling accuracy <150ml ±(2~5)ml;  150~500ml ≤±4%
Power input 220V 50Hz
Power 0.8-1.6 Kw
Air Pressure 0.6-0.8 Mpa
Air Consumption 0.25-0.50 m3/min
Net weight ≈130 kg
Overall dimension 1.2x0.7x1.1m3
Gross weight ≈180 kg
Packaging dimension 1.3x0.9x1.3m3
About the warranty and shelf life
It is a warranty period of 12 months, from date of sale, providing non-human damaged. The seller to the warranty period in addition to the "spare parts list" of non-human damage to the parts and components for free Express. Otherwise purchased by the buyer.
Video of BD1410A
We supply a printed manual, a printed service manual, a USB-disk which was saved operation videos and online service. You also can download online.

1. How to Install the receiver groove
2. How to quick start BD1410A

3. How to set parameters and adjust;
4. How to lubricate BD1410
5. How to replace fill unit;
6. How to replace seal pad; 
7. How to replace seal unit; 
8. How to replace temperature controller