sachet filling machine

9:00 am-9:00pm
No. 1669, Huolishan Road, Ma'anshan, Anhui, China, 243000

We can design workshop layout, the universal techniques for food and beverage, the information of suppliers such as packing material, the food additive, and the accessorial equipment in China.
Training & Spare parts
On-site & Spares
Optimally stocked for an entire lifetime.

Training & after-sale service
Only with the right know-how will you really get the best out of your equipment.
We supply a printed manual, a printed service manual, a USB-disk which was saved operation videos and online service.
We can arrange professional technician to install and adjust the machine, as well as train the operator to run, adjust and maintain until you can make the perfect products. 
We have technical service online by WhatsApp, WeChat, Messenger, etc.
24 hours after-sale service online
Maintenance, Installation & Commissioning
Supply detailed and professional manual books and video to operate install and maintain the equipment.
For example, this is BD1410B filling and sealing machine operation video list as follow:

BD1410B filling and sealing machine operation video
Warranty and shelf life
It is warranty period of 12 months, from date of sale, providing non-human damaged. The seller to the warranty period in addition to the "spare parts list" of non-human damage to the parts and components for free Express shipping. Otherwise purchased by the buyer.